5 Ways an Automated WOTC Solution Can Help Your Business

MaxServices Group has come up with an automated Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) solution that simplifies capturing tax credits for businesses that hire from specific groups of disadvantaged and unemployed workers. MaxServices’ IncentiMax™ software searches and obtains tax credits that are applicable to your business, on federal, state, and local government levels taking all of the work and stress out of obtaining credits.  How can an automated WOTC solution help you?

  1.  By ensuring your business maximum savings –  IncentiMax™’s automated tool simplifies the available and applicable tax credits for your business and keeps up with ever changing Federal regulations, ensuring your business will get the maximum savings.  
  2. By screening each new hire for you – IncentiMax™‘s automated system pre-screens each new hire and takes on the burden of identifying and processing the credits for each employee.
  3. By providing E-signature technology – Your business can decrease the demand on your employees, by simplifying the signature process and making the whole WOTC process more streamlined and organized.  
  4. By tracking the process – WOTC paperwork can be time consuming and have frustrating deadlines. IncentiMax™ tracks the process for you, allowing you to get the best results in a timely manner.
  5. By storing information securely online – IncentiMax™ stores all WOTC information for your business securely, allowing you to obtain files with a click of a button.

Did you know that Marathon Staffing found great advantages to using the IncentiMax™ WOTC solution?  Marathon Staffing was finding it a challenge to manage the 28 day deadline WOTC has for paperwork, which was hard for their employees to complete.  As a staffing company with plentiful new hires, filling out and tracking paperwork could be a daunting task. IncentiMax™ streamlined and automated all of Marathon Staffing’s new hire forms and WOTC processes.  In 2013, Marathon Staffing received $500,000.00 in WOTC tax credits, with the help of MaxServices Group, as well as reduced any overhead attributed to managing a WOTC program.

Are you interested in saving and streamlining your WOTC process?  To learn more about WOTC and what the MaxServices Group can do for you, visit us at Staffing World booth #1028 and follow us on Twitter @MaxServicesGrp