Is your new employee onboarding process aligned with your desired business results?

A new employee’s first day on the job is often nerve wracking, however, few people realize the burden it creates on the hiring manager. The Hiring manager has the daunting task of making them feel welcome, establishing their job responsibilities, orienting them in their new role, and familiarizing them with company culture.

The success of the employee orientation is very important. About 44% of new hires don’t last in the job if this process is not handled properly. The new hire needs a written plan of employee objectives and responsibilities to diminish any confusion about the employee’s job functions. There is nothing more disappointing as a new hire than realizing the job you thought you were hired for is very different than what you are actually doing. This quickly erodes a new employees trust in the organization and can result in higher turn over.

MaxServices Group offers an E-Onboarding solution. The manual onboarding process is no longer an efficient way to allocate company resources. The E-Onboarding solution eliminates the paper, automates the process, and frees up you and your employees so that you can spend more time growing your business.


The manual onboarding process is not an efficient way to do business anymore. With our E-Onboarding solution we eliminate the paper process and provide automated technology so you can spend more time managing your workforce instead of shuffling and maintaining paperwork.

Customizable Forms

The IncentiMax™ E-Onboarding solution offers standard and customizable forms and distribution management which includes; company/location or job specific forms such as direct deposit, W4, benefits enrollment information, and company policy and procedure forms.

I9 Functionality

We have complete electronic I9 functionality which allows you to retain, search, and re-verify forms as necessary all while providing the compliant state and federal audit trail requirements.

Product Benefits

  • Streamlines the onboarding process
  • No more paper files, Eco-friendly
  • Easily import employee information from IncentiMax™ into your payroll system
  • Reduce new hire administration burden
  • Customize the look and feel of the process incorporating your brand

Data & System Security

IncentiMax™ provides a SECURE process for Document Submission and Data Storage. Data security and overall system availability are vital components to any successful outsourced application hosting service.

Overview Brochure

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