Our Flexible Payroll Will Be Your MaxAdvantage!

Employers and their management and operations teams are burdened with a multitude of daily tasks surrounding balancing the needs of their employees and business clients while at the same time ensuring all government regulations are properly followed. It is critical that businesses have the utmost confidence in their payroll solution to meet their ever-changing business needs and will be a partner to them throughout the payroll process. This is why MaxAdvantage payroll software combined with our dedicated customer service team of payroll specialists provides the ultimate flexibility in payroll solutions.

Flexible Payroll Upload

Companies can use a variety of different timekeeping systems and even within a company, there may be different methods utilized at different locations. This is why we incorporate a variety of methods of uploading payroll data. Here are four ways MaxAdvantage can easily receive the necessary payroll data:

- File upload (Excel, CSV)
- Inter-system communication (easily adapted to what legacy systems can export and send)
- Manual setup
- Automatic entries determined from employee setup (e.g. for recurring Payroll data such as salary employees)

Additionally, companies may opt to use our staffing software, HireConcepts, or our Human Capital Management system and payroll can be directly imported from these systems with a click of a button.

Accommodate Last Minute Changes

MaxAdvantage takes care of last minute changes that can happen in payroll. Those “missing” hours that suddenly appear after you are done payroll can easily be handled with MaxAdvantage with a separate check run. Need to add a payroll deduction on the fly? No problem! MaxAdvantage allows companies to make last minute changes quickly and easily.

Adaptable Payroll Features

Companies need to pay their employees how and when they decide. This is why MaxAdvantage Payroll supports multiple pay frequencies, multiple pay days, and various payment methods. Customize the look of your paychecks with our Check Template Design feature.

Our solution supports some of the more complex payroll issues that arise when employees work different positions that offer different pay rates and when employees may work in various states in any given pay cycle. Let MaxAdvantage help with whatever unique payroll challenges that your company may face!

Click of a Button Filing and Reporting

Access automatic generation of data ready for filing (e.g. Federal form 941 for IRS) with a single click. Schedule and easily monitor upcoming deposits for the IRS and State Departments of Revenue. Plus generate various customizable payroll reports according to the needs of your business!

If you are seeking a payroll solution that provides ultimate flexibility in performance that is easy to use and can support a small start-up company to a large multi-state enterprise, let MaxAdvantage Payroll work to your advantage!

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